Cake Balls

I decided to try and make some cake balls, as I have seen them in Starbucks and they looked delicious.  This recipe was very easy to make, but it definitely makes a lot!

They are rich, so just one or two will do.  I am going to try cake pops next and decorate them.

All you need is:
1 baked white cake, warm (click on link to see recipe)
1 batch of butter cream frosting (click on link to see recipe)

First I made a white cake from scratch and put it in the oven.  While it was cooking, I made the icing.  When the cake was done, I crumbled it into the frosting(while still warm) and beat it all together.  I then rolled the mixture into balls and place them onto wax paper.  I melted chocolate, dipped the balls into it, placed them back on wax paper, and into the fridge/freezer to cool.

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